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Victory L. Hill

Apostle Victory L. Hill is the Senior Co-pastor of Providence Christian Ministries based in Birmingham, AL. Apostle Hill has a deep passion for exposing individual and familial dysfunctions and assisting believers in discovering their God-given purpose. Because of his strong apostolic and prophetic anointing, he has been invited throughout the United States and many different nations to teach and train people to hear the voice of the Lord. Apostle Hill’s sole mission is to equip equippers and reproduce reproducers. He with his wife, Co- pastor Jennifer Hill, has four sons who they believe will run with the current vision, and ultimately take it to its greatest potential.


God is Talking to You

God said... God speaks... The Lord said... A voice from heaven answered…From Genesis to Revelation, God communicated with His people and He has never stopped. God is still speaking today, desiring to share His thoughts, His wants, and His will. Years ago, people owned transistor radios that required adjusting the needle until it hit the right frequency so they could listen to a program without staticky feedback. The cares of this world and our old nature are like that feedback, dulling our ears, and our eyes. But the more time we spend intimately praying and fellowshipping with God, the stronger our connection will be to His voice. Our hearts and ears will hit the right frequency, and we will become tuned to God because we all possess within us the ability to hear Him. To hear His voice.In God is Talking to You, Apostle Victor L. Hill desires to help believers pierce through the mysteries that surround hearing God’s voice while challenging the concept that hearing God is based on a person’s age, growth, or spiritual development. Apostle Hill dispels the belief of God being a distant, inaccessible benefactor rather than a benevolent, loving Father who longs to spend time communicating with His children whether they have just received the gift of salvation and have started their Christian walk, or if they’ve been on the road for decades. One of the difficulties believers face is embracing the realities of God speaking to us along with fully grasping His yearning to communicate with us.Apostle Hill also expounds upon the relationship between God’s voice, effective prayer and faith as well as how reverence and submission open the believer’s heart, mind, and ears. He delves into the role of the Holy Spirit within us, who solidifies our place, position, and even authority in God. God is Talking to You is a teaching and anecdotal guide to a more intimate and spiritual connection to our Creator. In this season, know that as we learn how to hear God’s voice, the more impact we will make in the earth.

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